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Connecticut Modular Homes

Homes Designed for Lifestyle

Our website is your portal to the world of beautiful modular homes. All of your questions and curiosities are explained throughout. Still have a question? No problem, contact us using the button below.


Learn more about what makes modular homes unique and why it's the most efficient and contemporary process when considering home building.

The Modular Home PROCESS

Let this link serve as a guide to the complete modular home building process. From concept to completion we show you how the entire process unfolds.

FAQ About Pre-Fab Home Building

Undoubtedly, you have questions about the pre-fabricated modular home building proicess. We try to provide answers to frequenly asked questions.

About Connecticut Modular Homes

Since 1989 the Young Family and their dedicated team at CMH have been developing exceptional homes that are “Designed for Life, Built for a Lifetime”. Building from simple to high performance custom structures, Connecticut Modular Homes works to bring you the most contemporary designs available.

What We Do

From very affordable simple standard models to luxurious custom homes priced well into the millions, Connecticut Modular Homes creates homes for every lifestyle. We are constantly improving our product using proven Building Science principals. Consistent throughout every home is careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality, value and service.

Why Choose Us?

In addition to more than three decades of history in New England, homebuyers have the added assurance that when they are buying a home from CTM, they are buying a home proudly built by the Young Family. CTM is a close-knit team long schooled in personal and business philosophy. Every home is personally customized for our clients to meet expectations to budget needs.